J-B Marine Weld 2oz.  JB8272    $7.49

Formulated like our industrial-strength J-B WELD cold-weld, MARINE WELD cures as strong as steel, and is water- and weather-proof. It's impervious to saltwater, chemicals, oil, acids, and other corrosive materials, and tolerates extreme temperature fluctuations. Every boat afloat should carry MARINE WELD for quick and permanent repairs from surf board nicks to hull repairs.


J-B Kwik Weld 2oz.  JB8276    $7.49

America's toughest weld for over 20 years J-B Weld cold weld compound has satisfied millions of American customers with its superior repair bond qualities.  The unique J-B Weld formula of liquid steel and compound hardener fixes, fills and bonds any surface, including all metals, woods, plastics, ceramics and glass.
Sets in 4 min.