BATTERY FORGE   MS4012  $99.99 
Historic scale model cannon kit by Model Shipways
Length 10"   Height 3-1/4"   Width 4"   Scale 1:16   Entry Level


Assigned to every field artillery battery during the Civil War, the battery forge was a portable blacksmith shop. It carried all blacksmith’s tools, extra horseshoes, nails and spare irons necessary to keep the horses properly shod and to repair the cannons, limbers, caissons and wagons. With a chassis similar to that of a caisson, the battery forge comprised a bellows house, coal box and fireplace. The bellows house was partitioned for a double-chambered bellows in the top section and storage space for iron and steel below. The box at the rear carried 250 pounds of coal. In the front was the fireplace, backed by a tall sheet-iron partition, which protected the bellows house.
For travel, the battery forge was hooked to a standard artillery limber. The anvil rode in the fireplace and the tools were stored in the limber chest.


  l Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
  l Cleanly cast Britannia metal and brass components
  l One-piece ready to mount wheels
  l Laser cut basswood parts
  l Clearly written illustrated instructions
  l Easy to build - assembly and painting time 5-10 hours


 Battery Forge Paint Set (4 bottles)  MS4012PS