Caisson Ammunition Carriage   MS4009  $99.99 
Historic scale model cannon kit by Model Shipways
Length 8-1/2"   Height 4"   Width 4-1/2"   Scale 1:16   Entry Level

U.S. Civil War Caisson Ammunition Carriage

The caisson was a two-wheeled carriage used to transport ammunition. It carried two ammunition chests and a spare wheel. A stock ending in a crescent moon-shaped lunette allowed the caisson to be hooked to a limber, just like any artillery piece. A caisson with its limber thus held three ammunition chests. The limber hauling the gun carriage was equipped with another, for a total of four ammunition chests per team.

When taken into battle, a caisson was always attached to a limber and pulled by a team of four to six horses. The caisson crew was under the direction of a corporal, who reported to the sergeant in charge of the gun to which the caisson was assigned. A fully loaded caisson and limber combination weighed 3,811 pounds. Caissons belonging to the Union were painted olive drab, those of the Confederacy were gray.

  l Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
  l Cleanly cast Britannia metal components
  l Three one piece ready to mount wheels
  l Two Authentically detailed ammunition chests
  l Clearly written illustrated instructions
  l Easy to build - assembly and painting time 5-10 hours

 Caisson Paint Set  (3 bottles) MS4009PS