Napoleon Cannon - Model Cannon Kit By Model Shipways

Napoleon Cannon   MS4003SS  $139.99 
Historic scale model cannon kit by Model Shipways
Length 8-1/4"   Height 3-1/2"   Width 4"   Scale 1:16   Entry Level

U.S. Civil War 12 lb. Napoleon Cannon

NAPOLEON CANNON - The latest Guns of History release features a solid brass barrel cast in a single piece. In addition, the kit contains laser cut wooden parts for parts, precision cast Britannia metal detailing which includes bolts, shackles, ramming rod, water and grease buckets. Wheels are accurately reproduced with wooden spokes and metal hubs and axles. With the help of easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, you’ll build a museum quality model in less than 10 hours.

Developed in France for Emperor Napoleon III in the 1850s, the smoothbore 12-pounder cannon became the most popular gun of the American Civil War. It was light enough to be easily maneuverable and heavy enough to destroy field fortifications almost a mile away. Firing solid shot, spherical case and canister, it was extremely versatile. By mid-1863 nearly half of all field artillery pieces were Napoleons. The Union had more than 1,000 in its arsenal and Confederacy over 600.

  l Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
  l One piece brass barrel
  l Laser cut wooden parts
  l Cleanly cast Britannia metal details
  l Wheels with wood spokes & metal rims
  l Clearly written illustrated instructions
  l Easy to build - assembly and painting time 5-10 hours