SEA MORTAR  MS4011    $79.99
Length 4"   Width 3"   Height 2-3/4"   Scale 1:16


During the 18th century, when wooden warships dominated the high seas, one of the most common naval guns was the mortar. The mortar was a muzzle-loaded cannon with a short barrel. Because the barrel elevation was fixed at a 45 degree angle, the carriage design was simple. All that was needed was a recessed wooden "baulk" that held the breech end of the gun. The trunnions were not used to vary the elevation but to spread the recoil over a greater area. The guns on deck were fixed to fire dead ahead, so the entire vessel had to be turned to aim. Eventually the base was made to rotate, vastly improving and speeding the aiming procedure. Still, by modern standards, mortars were extremely inefficient, difficult to load and short ranged. A typical broadside of a Royal Navy ship of the late 18th century could only be fired 2-3 times in approximately 5 minutes.

l Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
l Cleanly cast Britannia metal components
l Authentically detailed cannon barrel
l Laser-cut wooden carriage and base
l Clearly written illustrated instructions
l Easy to build - assembly time 5-10 hours

  Sea Mortar Paint Set (2 bottles) MS4011PS