MONTANES  Wood Model Ship Kit  OC15000  $899.99
Historic Scale Wooden Model Ship Kit by OcCre Models
Length 49-1/4"   Height 35-1/4"   Scale 1:70   Advanced Level
Double Plank-On-Bulkhead Construction

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MONTANES - Spanish 74 Gun Ship Of The Line 1794 by OcCre Models


MONTANES - The Montanes represents the maximum level of perfection achieved by Spanish naval architecture, when Spanish ships-of-the-line were match for those of any navy in the world. The figurehead of this ship is not the royal lion, but a montañés highlander, in gratitude for the financial contribution towards her construction made by the people of the mountains. Montanes was launched in Ferrol on 14th May 1794. It is said that the Montanes was an extraordinary vessel, whether sailing close to the wind, running free or with a following wind, and that, more than any other ships, she kept her batteries out of the water. Montanes was engaged in a number of battles, including Trafalgar, where she mounted 76 guns and 4 carronades with mortars, located on her quarter deck. On 6th March 1810, in a violent storm, Montanes sank off the Bay of Cadiz, Spain.

Montanes Plank-on-bulkhead construction features laser cut plywood, boxwood and walnut parts. Double planking is done in lime wood and African walnut. An amazing array of fittings includes a variety of hardwood blocks and deadeyes, masts and yards, mast hoops and laser cut grating. Bell, transom windows, hinges, eyebolts, rings and belaying pins are brass, and a sheet of photo-etched brass parts duplicate ornamentation. Stern gallery decorations, chimney, bell tower, door frames, anchors and cleats are cast metal. Armament consists of machined brass cannon barrels on metal carriages. Figurehead, nameplate and other small parts are burnished metal. Cotton rigging line in is plentiful in two colors four diameters. A full complement of sail, consisting of 22 different pieces, is pre-sewn and ready to mount. Nine plan drawings and clearly written instructions, accompanied by corresponding color photos, pave the way for a model as magnificent as the original ship.

This model ship kit comes with everything you need to build except for tools, paint, glue.

The paint sets for these kits are historically accurate colors that have been specially formulated for model ships. They are high quality acrylic based paints that can be thinned with water, thinner or alcohol. They clean up easily with water, making them ideal for airbrush use. Brushed or sprayed, paints dry flat with good grain structure and a smooth finish. The colors contained in each paint set are based on the colors shown in the picture of the model. 1 oz. bottles

 Montanes Paint Set (8 bottles) OC15000PS